4th Generation

BATTERIES2020 is part of an European project cluster, which currently contains 4 other projects apart from the BATTERIES2020:

1. eDAS : Holistic energy management for 3rd and 4th generation EVs.
2. iCOMPOSE : Integrated Control of Multiple-Motor and Multiple-Storage Fully Electric Vehicles.
3. INCOBAT : Innovative Cost Efficient Management System for Next Generation High Voltage Batteries.
4. IMPROVE : Integration and Management of Performance and Road Efficiency of Electric Vehicle electronics.

Further projects are invited to join the cluster.

The clustering of these projects is a central element in the dissemination and exploitation strategy. The aim of the cluster is:

• Foster information exchange for the alignment of R&D activities to achieve optimal resource utilization and gain synergistic technical understanding for future EVs.
• Coordinate joint dissemination/marketing events to achieve higher visibility and thus higher (market) impact for each single project.

Last Cluster Review Meeting was hold between the 3rd and 5th of November in Brussels, Belgium.