Internal Workshop, 24 May, Brussels

An Internal Workshop on second life batteries testing and ageing protocols was held during the morning of May 24, 2016, in Brussels.

Along with the Batteries2020 consortium members, JRC participated in the event. Ik4-Ikerlan (Egoitz Martínez-Laserna) presented the second life testing strategies that were approached in Batteries2020 project (WP7). JRC was represented by Franco Di Persio (JRC, IET - F02, Petten, NL) and Silvia Bobba (JRC, IES – H08, Ispra, IT) and they presented next starting SASLAB project, with the aim of addressing challenging battery issues with a second life approach, covering battery performance and lifetime, cost (significant fraction of EV cost), required raw materials and need for battery recycling. JRC covered Sustainability Assessment of Second Life Application of Automotive Batteries and the Definition and initialization of re-purposing systems.

After the presentations, an interesting round table was held, where many open questions to second life definition and feasibility were discussed: Second life criteria, EV battery disassembly and repurposing, BMS, Battery first life history, etc.

To finish this thematic Workshop, synergies between Batteries2020 and SASLAB projects were explored, and commitments on sharing information and future collaboration were made.