External Workshop on Results of the Project

Last 23 May 2016, the External Workshop on results of the project Batteries2020 took place in Brussels, with the participation of over 50 stakeholders.

The Project Officer, Mr. Martin Gieb, opened the event with reference to the importance of e-mobility and batteries development in the EU transport policies. Significant results were shown on the different steps towards the objectives of the project, covering the improvements on Li-ion battery performance, lifetime and costs for new competitive batteries in Europe. Different sessions gathered the main outcomes at this stage of the project related to improved materials and battery development (new cathodes, chemistries and cells), standardised tests procedures for cell characterization, performance and ageing understanding, advanced battery models, increased battery residual value and analysis of environmental impact through second life use.

The interest in project results was evidenced by the multitude of questions from the audience and its interdisciplinary composition, ranging from battery manufacturers, EC officers, research centers and universities, car makers, mobility associations, etc. from different European countries.

At the end of the event, the Project Officer, Mr. Martin Gieb, also showed his appreciation for the good progress of the project and expected rounding off its activities in a few months time.