G2 cells joint testing in progress

Large format battery cells with specific energy density of up to 180 Wh/kg with the selected G2 NMC cathode material were produced by Leclanché (semi-automated pilot production).

High active mass loading on electrodes was necessary to achieve the energy density targeted in the project.

The G2 cells were delivered among partners and laboratory testing already started at RWTH-ISEA, IK4-Ikerlan, AUU, VUB and Leclanché. A simplified ageing testing matrix has been agreed and is been used for G2 cells performance and ageing behaviour characterisation.

Statistical analysis of G2 cells performance at BOL was already carried out. The capacity test results show normal distribution and the nominal capacity of G2 cells, measured in five different institutes, falls within 28.78±0.78 Ah range with 95% certainty.