Fifth Internal Technical Workshop

The BATTERIES2020 Consortium held its fifth Internal Technical Workshop between the 16th and 17th of September 2015 in RWTH-ISEA facilities, Aachen (Germany). The workshop was largely attended by all project partners.

First day meeting took place at RWTH-ISEA building sited at Jägerstrabe 17/19. During that morning, two discussions groups focused on specifics technical issues to promote interactions among different partners. The topics addressed were i) G1 cells ageing and post-mortem data analysis and ii) Analysis of G1/G2 cell characterization.

Data share, results update and open discussion about targets, schedules and objectives were established among RWTH-ISEA, AAU, VUB and Ik4-IKERLAN, mainly in the frame of WP4 (ageing), WP5 (modeling) and WP6 (lifetime model validation). It was paid especial attention to the effects analysis of G1 cells ageing stress factors.

There was a visit to the chemical labs, were post-mortem analysis on project cells is being done, after lunch.
The afternoon was dedicated to analyze the status of the different WPs.

The second day the meeting moved to RWTH-ISEA building sited at Hüttenstrabe 7. The status of the remaining WPs from previous day was reviewed before starting the Steering Committee (SC). Some important measures were taken, which intended to meet the project objectives, keeping in mind that there is one-year time spam to complete the project.

Afterwards, the Exploitation and Dissemination Committee (EDC) Meeting took place, and discussions on how to encourage dissemination activities came up. Besides the communication plan for 2016, the gathering of ideas for next publications, the external workshop organization and the Webpage update for its visit boosting were addressed.

After lunch, a visit to RWTH-ISEA installations was done. Alex Warnecke (consortium member) showed different battery testing capabilities of the Institute, along with some electrical energy storage projects they are dealing with.

Finally, he gave the partners some explanations about the new M5BAT (5MW modular large-scale battery) construction that is being taking place at the site, which is supposed to be unique in its characteristics in Europe. That building will contain huge electrical storage capabilities in different technologies, and will provide the grid with spin reserve power in a public/private experience.

After the visit, an Internal Workshop related to standardization was held.

All participants thanked RWTH-ISEA for hosting the meeting and for the guided tour they organized both days to visit the R&D facilities and the exhibition of their research resources.

The next Internal Technical Workshop has been scheduled on March 2016 and will take place at IK4-IKERLAN facilities, San Sebastian/Donostia (Spain).