Fourth Internal Technical Workshop

The BATTERIES2020 Consortium held its fourth Internal Technical Workshop between the 16th and 17th of February 2015 in VUB facilities, Brussels (Belgium). The workshop was largely attended by all project partners.

During the afternoon of first day, after a brief review of project status, the EDC Management Meeting took place, where the Exploitation plan & IPR management, the Website development and the Dissemination strategy were debated. Discussions on how to encourage dissemination activities came up.

Work Packages leaders presented their results per task and settled a plan for next months in relation to what they need to provide. Work Task leaders presented their corresponding activities within each WP. They analyzed the consequences of both the delay of the project and the risk for not meeting the goals within the timeframe scheduled.

That first day meeting ended with a visit to VUB facilities.

During the second day, the status of the remaining WPs from previous day was reviewed and then the partners had the opportunity for specific WP discussions.

Finally the Steering Committee (SC) was held, where the project status was reviewed and some important measures taken, among: Review of project amendment and PO response, proposals for project modification and new amendment, strategic planning, etc.

All participants thanked VUB for hosting the meeting and for the guided tour they organized to visit the R&D facilities and the exhibition of their research resources.

The next Internal Technical Workshop has been scheduled on September 2015 and will take place at RWTH-ISEA facilities, Aachen (Germany).