Beginning of joint testing

The test standardisation procedures amongst Batteries2020 partners have been set. Ageing matrices from WP4 (RWTH-ISEA), WP5 (VUB) and WP6 (IK4-IKERLAN) were distributed and the test of about 250 identical cells will start in week 21. Reference G1 cells are ready to be distributed to all involved partners and the results from initial standardisation and statistical analysis are expected to be ready in July 2014. First life accelerated ageing tests (WP4), electrical, thermal and electrochemical characterisation (WP5) and real EV profile tests (WP6) will start simultaneously in May 2014.

Testing partners (IK4-IKERLAN, VUB, RWTH-ISEA, LECLANCHÉ, AAU and CRF) will be developing testing procedures and share their experimental data and results in order to obtain a robust and uniform methodology that will provide a reliable comparison tool for a wide number of experiments.