Expected Achievements. Phase 2

2. Understanding of ageing and degradation mechanisms & advanced lifetime battery models:

A thorough understanding of ageing phenomena and degradation mechanisms can help to identify critical parameters which affect lifetime battery performance. This identification helps effectively in improving materials and the system and allows developing adequate materials selection criteria. However, ageing and degradation mechanisms have multiple causes and are complex.

The combination of accelerated tests, real field data, post-mortem analysis, modelling and validation will provide a thorough understanding of ageing and degradation that can be used in G2 and G3 cells in order to:

  • Improve materials and design cells for higher energy density;
  • Improve materials by modifying additives, components, interfaces, which have been identified as major causes of degradation;
  • Improve lifetime by optimising control strategies;
  • Reduce cost by optimising battery size;
  • Reduce cost by minimised testing effort through the implementation of reliable lifetime prediction tools for the assessment of cell durability.

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