Expected Achievements. Phase 1

1. Development of materials to achieve competitive industrial batteries:

In this project a dedicated approach will be used with improved cathode materials based on nickel/manganese/cobalt oxides (NMC). In the near-term such materials have a high potential to be up-scaled and commercialized. Only then, cell development efforts can be translated from pilot scale to mass production, a prerequisite for qualification in the automotive industry. The project research starts from state-of-the-art NMC cells suitable for plug-in HEVs (Generation 1, G1). Then NMC-materials and cell design will be developed in two steps (Generations 2, G2 and 3, G3) towards:

High performance: development of cathode materials towards higher energy density, adjustment of the graphite electrode in parallel to optimize energy density.

Higher stability and cycleability: development of cathode-electrolyte system, tuning of electrolyte composition, establish system specific formation strategies to enable stable cycling.

Special emphasis will be put on a development roadmap based on materials with a fair chance for commercialization and introduction into the market. High performance combined with long foreseeable lifetime are competing and highly challenging targets. The high energy density should be maintained throughout the entire battery’s service life in the vehicle in order to guarantee constant driving range and performances throughout the operating life of the vehicle.

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